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The way to the medical specialization in Germany: Part I

source: www.directadmissiononline.com

Germany is one of the most powerful countries in the European Union, it is very advanced in all modern life aspects such as technology, education, medicine, etc.

These factors make it one of the preferable places for medical students all over the world to complete their study or their specialization.

In this topic, I will try to explain to you the way the german hospitals to complete your specialization:

We will start with the requirements for the people who are already in Germany/have become their Visa to Germany:

1- What you actually need is a good level of the German language, at least B2.

There are in general six levels of language:

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

The best is C2, who cares it should be able to talk Germany as a mother tongue.

B2 is the in general required to get permission to work as a doctor in Germany, although some hospitals or some lands tend to ask for C1.

Usually, man makes B1 as the first station, this will take about 6-9 months, then B2 as next station, this will take 3-6 months. There are a lot of institutes in Germany and in other lands that make German courses, the tests, however, are advised to be either by Goethe or Telc institutes, thus they are very well recognized in Germany.

At B2 level you will – as a new person in Germany- be able to understand a lot of slow spoken language, and you will be able to make yourself clear when you need something, but you will still find difficulties, but don’t worry: it is normal.

When you start your Hospitation at a hospital with B2 level, you will get, what I call “first time shock”, you will feel like you don’t understand anything, also here don’t worry: it is normal.

You need really a lot of time and a lot of practice to speak Germany fluently, and to understand Germany very well. The German people are very willing to help you when you show them your interest to learn their language.

I advise not to spend a lot of time to reach C1 at first, bevor you try to get a Job in Germany, because that is not very necessary, and you will waste a lot of time in this way. Having a C1 level of language, however, will make your chance to find a job bigger.

2- So, you are in Germany and you have at least a B2 certificate of Germany, then you can easily search for a Hospitation in one of the German hospitals, usually it wouldn’t be hard to find a place. Hospitaion is for free, and sometimes you get a little help for your lunch and your bus ticket. A Hospitation time of 3 months would be enough, the main goal for you at the Hospitation is to learn two things:
  • Everything about your language: how to communicate with the patients, how to communicate with the colleges and the nurses, how to write an admission letter or release letter. Ect.
  • How it works in a German hospital.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t know everything about the medical cases, you are not doing your specialization here, it is all about preparation for the real work.

There is also two art this preparation:
  1. Hospitation what we mentioned above
  2. ‘Praktikum’ in English practical training. Actually, there is no difference in the practice between the two. But officially you will need permission to work bevor you are allowed to make a ‘Praktikum’. Thus is the Hospitaion a better choice with the same benefit/result. 

3- So you have a B2 certificate at least, and you have made a 3-month Hospitaion in one of the German hospitals. That is all. You can now search for a place to work

Notice that these are the lowest requirements that you need to have a chance, you can maximize your chance by getting better language level (eg. C1), by doing a longer Hospitaion or by having an (Approbation = your medical certificate is recognized through German authorities).

You can search for whatever you want, but you should take into consideration that some fields are more difficult as another to get a place in it. In general internal medicine, geriatric and psychiatric medicine is easier as surgery, radiation, HNO, or labor.

But don’t worry, you need just to start, just to get the first push, then you can choose whatever you want.

For the search for a workplace (Bewerbung) there are a lot of search possibilities:
  • Internet
  • Magazines such as Deutsches Ärzteblatt
  • Employment agency
  • Other Colleges, etc …

This search could take 2-3 months, usually you will find at this time a place to start from, you will get a lot of rejection, don’t worry: it is normal, you need just one job from all the hundreds of jobs that you mailed.

4- When you get a positive response to one of your emails, they will give you an appointment to make job interview ‘ Vorstellungsgespräch’, that would take a 15 minutes, and you will know either soon or per post after little time if you accepted to the job or not, therefore don’t stop searching even though when you have made some interviews and you are still waiting for a response.

5- What you have to do as next. when you get approved to the job, it is to get your permission to work ‘Berufserlaubnis’  from the land administration.

This permission is usually time restricted for 2 years, and can be prolonged under circumstances, but not always.

This ‘Berufserlaubnis’ permit you to work as a doctor in Germany (for a maximum of 2 Years) until you get your medical certificate recognized.

This recognition of your medical study can be made in two way:
  • You belong to a country that is considered to have a good medical learning system like that in Germany, your study performance will be studied by the Germany authorities (that can take months) and at the end, you get your ‘Approbation’ also recognition with a non-restricted permission to work as a doctor in Germany.
  •  You belong to a country, where the learning system is not considered to be like the German one, in this case, you will have to do 2 Tests:

  • ‘Kenntnisprüfung’: a verbal test to your medical knowledge. In this test you have a make a clinical examination to a patient in a Hospital, to write an admission letter, and to answer medical questions from the test committee, which consists usually from 3 doctors, an internist, a surgeon and another doctor from another medical field. The questions are usually general and of a medical student niveau in his 6th year.
  • ‘Fachsprachprüfung’: a test to your medical language level, In this test, will be focused on your language more than your medical experience. The test structure is although the same as the test above.

Once to success these 2 tests, you get your ‘Approbation’ and your unlimited permission to work.

6- There is a test period ‘Probezeit’ (usually 6 months) at the beginning of the work. In this period, your Chef has the right, to cancel your work contract at any time. After you overcome this period, you will get a confirmation that your contract is now fixed.

You also have the right during the Test period to cancel your contract when the work doesn’t fit you. After that, you should cancel the contract 3 months bevor the time of leaving the hospital.

7- After you’ve got started to work, and beginning with the time of getting your ‘Approbation’ is your work to be considered as a part of your specialization in Germany.

to be continued …………

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