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10 Reasons to Study Medicine and 10 reasons against


After graduating from high school you will have to make a fateful decision that will shape the future of your future both near and far. Here we will tell you some reasons that may encourage you to become a medical student and other reasons that may make you think again, in the end the decision for you, think carefully what you want and if you The study of medicine suits your aspirations and aspirations and then decide what you want

The ten beautiful reasons

1- When you are a medical student you will enjoy the freedom: while the practical students and some students of the other branches to be in the early morning accurately, you will be able to circumvent this and you will have the option of re-lectures that you missed online.

2- Thrill and excitement: The human body is a treasure full of puzzles and challenges that will inflame your senses with enthusiasm to understand and solve what is so mysterious of them.

3- A lot of practice: When you read the first item at the top you may think that it is full of theoretical subjects only, but rest assured, when you are a medical student will be guaranteed practice, medical study depends on the principle of gradual deepening in the practice of medicine, begin studying the theoretical section and then Bedside teaching and case-based courses, then gradually begin to see the cases and patients and how they are approached by doctors and begin to understand how to transfer the theoretical information in your head to be treated by a patient suffering.

4- will become a family doctor for simple cases: Did your father have bronchitis and antibiotics? When he asks you how long he should continue to take antibiotics you will be able to answer him and help him.

5- Social networking will help you build your own social network: whether they are new students, professors or nurses. In each course or training, you will meet new people through whom you can later create a comfortable atmosphere surrounded by people you know that will ease the difficulties you may encounter. At work or training.

6- Your interests will be met: The internal medicine filled with information will satisfy your interests and curiosity on a permanent basis and you will find enough information on any subject you care.

7- After graduation, you will not have to stay in the clinic: Yes, that's right. You will not have to work in the clinic or hospital after you graduate from college. You can work for medical insurance or full-time medical research. Do not worry.

8- Money: As a medical student and later a doctor there will be a direct relationship between your work and your income. Your wallet will be filled with money as you progress in your business. Money is not everything, but it is not bad that one can earn.

9- The long-term view and seeing what is behind things: Unlike ordinary people, the study of medicine will improve your ability to observe, especially if you specialize in forensic medicine, you will actually be able to solve many puzzles.

10- Hero who helps: Was not one of the reasons why you choose to study medicine is to save the lives of others ?? Well you will certainly do it, something beautiful is not it?

The ten bad reasons

1- High cost: The cost of becoming a medical student gradually increases over time, along with the costs of semester fees, rentals and basic needs, as well as food and drink.

2- You need a lot of patience: very few places and the chance to get one of these places is also rare and you may have to wait long before you can earn one, do you have enough patience for it ??

3- You should get used to your nose terrible smells: over half a year will be waiting to smell ugly smells in the anatomy rooms, you have to bear and get used to it, is your nose ready for it ??

4- high competition and some selfishness: medical students, most of them study a lot, hide the few copies of important information about you, the most important person for them are themselves only.

5- Little flexibility, lots of commitment: You will have a long period of time in which you will have to be a school student, solve homework, and be obliged to attend some lectures.

6- You can barely work part-time as well as your studies: if you consider earning a few dollars as well as studying and working in a part-time job you will have to plan well for it, and it will not be easy.

7- Once again, patience: While your old classmates will have bought new cars that will still be in the classroom, pay attention to your money well because you will need them in your six-year study with a minimum of 12 semesters.

8- Starting from the starting point: After you graduate you will feel that you have finished the difficult times, once you start your work as an assistant doctor until you start from the starting point in handing your head scissors, and grab the hook in the operating room.

9- Initially money will not be as you expect: Yes, I have mentioned that your wallet will be filled with money gradually but that does not hide the fact that you will initially receive a salary equivalent to a worker in a car factory, the difference is that the worker in the car factory has a precise time to finish the work, and has a break from work as well. But you are often no.

10- Your private life will not stay the same: while others are stretched out on the couch you will be required to do many night shifts and work extra hours. Will work on weekends, Christmas and Easter.

Conclusion: It's not an easy decision

Personally I made the decision to become a medical student and later a doctor and I never regret it, the feeling you feel when you save the lives of others and when the suffering of patients is radically improved because of you can not be described.

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